Here is a list of the new features.

The use of SessionFriends is free of charge, the provision is not. Without you it does not work. Support SessionFriends and help to keep the platform alive.

28.10.2020 We are now officially an english site!

03.10.2020 Newsfeed added, now you can post something on the pinboard.

27.09.2020 Conditionally English language added. Automatic translation still needs to be checked.

25.09.2020 New subjects added: Mandolin, Banjo, Whistle, Music theory, Ensemble.

25.09.2020 SessionFriends as App? Put the app on your home screen (smartphone) and you can use SessionFriends as an app.

09/24/20 madness!!!! 100 members on the second day.

24.09.2020 Cards blocked for non-members (DSGVO)

24.09.2020 User photo albums disabled. Nice to see that you are using all functions diligently. But to keep the server load as low as possible I have deactivated photo albums for now. Profile and title picture are still available.

23.09.2020 Teacher search goes online. You can now set in your profile which instruments you teach.

23.08.2020 Workshop search added (Workshops can not yet be added by yourself, please use the contact form to tell me about workshops)

23.09.2020 Stakeholders activated to organize sessions and enable exchange and conversation.

23.09.2020 The first 50 members within a few hours

23.09.2020 Session-Friends goes online with musician search.